There’s a wealth of conflicting information online about vaccines in recent years and it can be hard to determine the fact from fiction. Knowing that you’re looking in the right places is a great way to filter out the misinformation. Here’s a couple of places you can trust:

General Resources

•    NHS.UK, Vaccinations:

•    NHS.UK, Travel vaccinations:

•    GOV.UK, Immunisation:

•, Vaccines and immunisation:

•    British Society for Immunology, A guide to childhood vaccinations:

•    Center for Countering Digital Hate, The Anti-Vaxx Playbook:

•    Vaccine Confidence Project:

Condition Specific Resources

  • Age UK, Coronavirus vaccines explained:

  • Macmillan, Coronavirus vaccine for people living with cancer:

  • MS Society, MS and the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Stroke Association, Stroke and the coronavirus vaccine:

  • Alzheimer’s Society, Vaccines for coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • British Lung Foundation, Coronavirus vaccine: what people with lung conditions need to know:

  • Meningitis Now, Meningitis vaccines, the facts: