This spreadsheet contains publications identified as being by Leeds Teaching Hopsitals NHS Staff.  

The information is extracted from a search of Medline, Embase and Emcare databases via the Ovid Search platform.

The spreadsheet contains articles published since 2021 and is updated regularly (last updated 10/01/22).

Using the Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet consists of the following two tabs.

  •  LTHT -  contains the article information with LTH authors identified in column E.  It is possible to apply filters to this column to search for articles by a specific author.  To search for articles by a specific author, select the drop down menu for column E, select text filters and then select contains and search for the surname of the author.  It is best to search on surname alone as there may be some inconsistency in how an author chooses to author a paper.
  • Authors -  contains an alphabetical listing of all LTHT authors identified in the LTHT spreadsheet.

Accessing the Full Text of Articles

Within the spreadsheet there are URL links to the DOI (digitial object identifier) for each article.  Some articles will be available in full text whereas others require a password or payment.

If you need help accessing the full text of an article please email the details to as we may be able to source it for you.

Adding Your Publication / Updating Your Records

This spreadsheet contains the information from searches of several databases but it is possible that we may miss some publications or may include some errors.

If you, an LTHT member of staff, have a publication you would like us to include or if you would like us to amend something in the spreadsheet  please contact