Let’s celebrate our first ever NHS Knowledge and Library Services Awareness Week – 14 to 18 June 2021. Together let's shine a light on the positive impact of NHS knowledge and library services.

The week helps us really think about what NHS knowledge and library specialists do to work with healthcare staff across a broad range of specialisms.  Taking evidence to the board and the bedside, we're there for every member of the NHS.

Taking the ‘heavy lifting’ out of bringing reliable, up to date evidence to healthcare, we free up the time of colleagues. Knowledge specialists and librarians deliver the right information enabling multidisciplinary teams to make informed decisions at the right time, at the point of need. 

In practice, this means that we can give frontline teams the gift of time to focus on patients and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes. Backed by evidence, all NHS staff can be more confident they are making the right decisions.

Locally, NHS knowledge and library services generally offer library learning space on site as well as delivering remote services ensuring knowledge and evidence is at the fingertips of staff and learners. 

This celebration will launch the Knowledge for Healthcare strategy. Health Education England’s ambition is for all NHS staff and learners to benefit equally from high-quality knowledge services and for the NHS to optimise the expertise of knowledge and library teams.  

Find out more at https://library.nhs.uk/our-work/nhs-knowledge-and-library-services-awareness-week/