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*You will only be contacted at your home address should you have overdue loans and we are unable to contact you via your place of study.


This is a copy of the regulations that you agreed to when becoming a member of the PHRC:

1.     Anyone using the PHRC must be registered as a user.  

2.     Library cards may be used only by the person to whom they have been issued and whose name appears on the card.

3.     All users must notify the PHRC immediately of any change of postal or email address.

4.     All users are required to behave considerately and to respect the study needs of others.

5.     Users must not mark, deface or damage PHRC books, resources, their Library card or the fabric, furniture and fittings in the PHRC.

6.     Users will be liable for any loss of, or damage to, books or other resources while in their charge. Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to a member of PHRC staff.

7.     All users must leave the PHRC by closing time and immediately when the alarm sounds or when requested to do so by PHRC staff.

8.     No book shall be taken out of the PHRC until the loan has been recorded on the Library system.

9.    Borrowers are responsible for all items issued to their Library card. This responsibility ends only when the item has been recorded as returned on the Library system.

10.  Books and other loanable items must be returned no later than the due date or earlier if they are recalled by the PHRC.

11.  Users with overdue items may not be allowed to borrow further books or other loanable items or use PHRC facilities until the overdue items are returned or renewed.

12.  Books which are already on loan may be reserved by another borrower. When returned, reserved books will be available for collection for a limited period only.

13.  All resources available to loan are for educational purposes only.  The showing of DVDs must be for educational, instructional purposes only.  No fee may be charged for the viewing of the DVD.  No copies of the DVD may be made in any format or media. 

14.  Photocopying must comply with current copyright legislation, the Public Administration Licence, and the terms of the NHS CLA Licence.


As a member, you accept that your details will be held on the library management system and the PHRC contacts database, and that this information will only be available to you and library staff.  You consent to this information being held and used in accordance with current Data Protection legislation and local Council policies.


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