NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries

The NICE CKS Service provides primary care practitioners with a readily accessible summary of the current evidence base and practical guidance on best practice in respect of over 300 common and/or significant primary care presentations.

What information is available?

NICE CKS topics provide clear and concise recommendations that:

  • Address real life clinical questions
  • Link to a summary of the reasoning behind a recommendation
  • Are supported by a fully referenced and more detailed discussion of the evidence

Why should I use NICE CKS?

NICE CKS supports healthcare professional including GPs, GP registrars, nurses and pharmacists working in primary and first contact care to:

  • Reach a diagnosis
  • Offer effective and safe treatment options
  • Prescribe rationally
  • Appropriately refer for specialist assessment or management
  • Create local protocols and guidance

Do I need a password?

Access to the NICE CKS Service does not require a password.

How do I access NICE CKS?

There is a link to NICE CKS from the Healthcare Databases page of this website or it can be accessed directly from