PsycINFO is an astracting and indexing database with more than 3 million records devoted to peer-reviewed literature in the behavioral sciences and mental health.

PsycINFO covers psychological practice and research as well as the related clinical, social and biological disciplines.

How do I use PsycINFO?

You can search PsycINFO by looking for keywords in the title/abstract of documents or search by author name.

You can also search for information on a particular subject by using the thesaurus.

What does PsycINFO do?

The major emphasis of the database is on original research, while case studies, literature reviews, surveys and discussions are also covered. Detailed abstracts are provided for all documents in the database, except dissertations.

This authoritative resource also contains full text access to many journals in the field of psychology and related disciplines.

Do I need a password?

Access to PsycINFO requires an NHS OpenAthens Username and Password.

How do I access PsycINFO?

To access PsychINFO on the PsychINFO link on the healthcare databases page of this website and then log in with your NHS OpenAthens username and password.

What information is available?

PsycINFO includes information on drug and behavioural therapy, treatment of disease, drug addiction, developmental psychology, and educational psychology, as well as the psychological aspects of such areas as linguistics, social processes, pharmacology, physiology, nursing, education, anthropology, business and law. 

Need further help?

For help in using the database please see our training guide or contact your local NHS library.

You may also be interested in booking onto one of our healthcare databases training sessions which we are offering at various locations in the city.