TILT (Today I Learnt That)

TILT is a shared learning tool aimed at capturing and sharing clinical learning.

What does TILT do?

The core purpose of TILT is the ability to record your learning in a personal log.

You can also use TILT to learn from others as you can see what other people are adding to their learning logs.

As TILT is a repository of clinical learning it is ideal for appraisal as you can build up a large portfolio of education through serendipitous learning.

TILT allows you to choose which clinicians to follow, you follow the clinicians who TILT about topics you find interesting. You can even start special interest/organisational groups.

How do I search TILT?

TILT has a powerful search feature that allows you to locate relevant TILTs quickly.  Simply type a keyword into the search box and all TILTs containing the term will be displayed.

In addition to showing all the documents that term found it lists associated tags on the left-hand side.  Clicking on a tag of interest allows you to refine your search further.

How do I access TILT?

TILT is freely available on the internet at http://tilt.tripdatabase.com/