Critical Appraisal – a Beginner’s Guide

Supporting the need to use the best evidence in decision making, research, and study, the critical appraisal course equips candidates with the basic theory and tools required to understand why and how to appraise a research paper.  The session includes practical experience of appraising one or more published articles.

For further information see our course outline.
Duration:  2 hours. 

The course supports KSF dimensions:  
IK2 - Information collection & analysis
IK3 - Knowledge & information resources

What your colleagues said:

"Really good to get practical experience of appraising a topic in a "safe" environment."
"This course has been very useful and will definitely help me with my essays."
"Very useful and informative.  Met my learning needs."
"Well presented and useful links provided."
"Good starting point to build on with regards to critically reading an article."
"Should be made mandatory to every doctor and allied health care professional in LTHT"

Course Bookings

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