Accessing E-Journals & E-Books with your NHS OpenAthens Account

This course explores the skills required to locate, access, download and read electronic books and electronic journals through popular NHS routes.

For further information see our course outline.
Duration: As an in person group session, this course is delivered over 1 hour. As online training, the duration will be personalised to your needs.  This will be discussed when you arrange training.

This course supports KSF dimensions:
IK2 - Information collection & analysis
IK3 - Knowledge & information resources

If you wish to learn how to search for information on specific subjects to produce a list of articles please see the course Using Healthcare Databases Effectively to Support your Work.

What your colleagues said:

"Thank you.  Feel much more confident and able to use Athens for ejournals and books now.  A fab resource.  I've had my Athens account for ages and am pleased to be able to finally use it." 
"I found the whole course to be very engaging and I was totally involved throughout." 
"I felt the librarian who led my session was very informative, very approachable and very knowledgeable."

Course Bookings

We are currently delivering all our information skills training courses remotely. Please contact your local library to discuss your needs, or complete a one-to-one training request and we will arrange this for you.

Training Manual

You can read the training manual for this course or modify it for your personal access needs.