Google & Beyond

This session provides you with an introduction to finding good quality evidence online. It will show you how to use Google in a smarter way. It also looks beyond Google and explains how to use a range of online healthcare resources such as grey literature and statistics to support your work.

For further information see our course outline.
Duration: As an in person group session, this course is delivered over 2 hours. As online training, the duration will be personalised to your needs.  This will be discussed when you arrange training.

This course supports KSF dimensions:
IK2 - Information collection & analysis
IK3 - Knowledge & information resources

What your colleagues said:

"Great course! Very useful to take away and use in everyday working life."
"Practical hands on session"
"Commands used in Google – once I’ve learnt this, I can use this every day and get better search results"
"Learning about search engines that don’t personalise so that new searches are ‘new’"
"Enjoyable, relaxed and informative.  I will recommend this training to colleagues"

Course Bookings

We are currently delivering all information skills training courses remotely. Please contact your local library to discuss your needs, or complete a one-to-one training request and we will arrange training for you.

Training Manual

You can read the training manual for this course or modify it for your personal access needs.