We do not provide training on referencing as there are a number of different styles for citing bibliographic references in academic writing. 

The style used will be dictated by the organisation, institution or purpose for which the material is being written. 

This website does not attempt to give details of any of these styles, but suggests signposts to sources of information.

If you have any queries or need support with referencing then please contact your local library.

1. Academic institutions

In academic institutions there may be one style used by the whole organisation, or individual faculties, schools or departments may enforce their own preferred style.  The list below gives links to the webpages for each of the universities in the Yorkshire and Humber region where this information may be found.

2. Journals

Articles for publication should use the referencing style specified by the journal to which the article is to be submitted. Details of which style to use and any variants to the standard version of the style will usually be given in the “Instructions for Authors” section of the journal’s own website or included in the editorial information section of the print version.

If the same article is to be submitted to different journals, then the referencing style should be changed to meet each specific journal’s requirements.