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Our free, hands-on, training day will help you to discover how to access a wealth of information to support your studies.
No previous knowledge is assumed so we will start at the basics and build up to more complex searching.  

For further information see our course outline.
Duration: As an in person group session, this course is delivered over 1 full day. As online training, this would be personalised for your needs, and could be delivered in a few, much shorter, sessions.  This will be discussed when you arrange training.

What your colleagues said:

"A fantastic help in reducing fear of starting a new path of study"
"Well paced and we were able to ask questions when we needed to"
"I will definitely recommend it to any staff who are about to commence a course"
"Knowing the library staff will embed some of the skills learned today is invaluable"


Course Bookings

We are currently delivering all information skills training courses remotely. Please contact your local library to discuss your needs, or complete a one-to-one training request and we will arrange training for you.