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Training on how to get the most out of the Knowledge and Library Hub is delivered regularly by our librarians. Book here.

If you need any assistance with using the Hub or accessing resources, just get in touch with your library team.

What are the benefits of using the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub?

Whether you are wanting to access evidence to support the delivery of patient care; to support management decision-making; designing a conference poster, writing an article for publication; or undertaking research, the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub will provide you with a single gateway to carry out your search.

The NHS Knowledge and Library Hub integrates open-access, freely available online content with NHS nationally and locally purchased resources; and incorporates one-click full-text access to ensure you get the most out of the hub’s content.

To save you time when it is not possible to access full-text content, an inbuilt article request form enables you to submit your request direct to the Library and Information Service team.

With the Hub, you should find it easier than before to directly link to the full-text of articles. This is because the Hub uses something called LibKey which HEE has funded to help save time and ensure the best use of NHS-funded and open access resources. Where it isn’t possible to provide a link, you can request items you require directly from your library, without having to retype details or use a different request form.

LibKey also offers 2 other easy routes to access the full-text of articles that you might find outside of the Hub. 

If you know the DOI or PubMedID of the article you want to access, is an easy way to find the full-text.

You can also download LibKey Nomad, a browser extension (not compatible with Internet Explorer) which gives you one-click access to any articles you want to read, however you find them.

Browzine enables you to search, browse and access published articles from our catalogue of online journals. Available in a single place using your NHS OpenAthens account from your workplace, at home, or on your mobile device. 

Staying Current with BrowZine

User Training and Support

Library teams will be running a series of online tour sessions of the NHS Library and Knowledge Hub. The online tour sessions aim to:

  • Provide an introductory overview of the NHS Library and Knowledge Hub
  • Demonstrate key resources, including Libkey and BrowZine
  • Demonstrate how to carry out a search

To book onto a tour session please visit or alternatively, you can also request a one-to-one online tour session if the dates and times of the scheduled tours are not convenient via

The new NHS Knowledge and Library Hub has arrived, seamlessly connecting Trust staff and students on placement, to high quality healthcare knowledge and evidence resources, all in one place.

Funded by Health Education England, the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub will enable you to quickly:

  • Access and browse e-books and journal articles
  • Search healthcare databases, including Medline, Embase and CINAHL
  • Review clinical decision support resources, including NICE Guidelines and BMJ Best Practice 
  • Contact the Library and Information Service team if you need further assistance

Full access is free to all NHS staff and learners using your NHS OpenAthens account.