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If you require help in finding information and evidence for any professional purpose, we can undertake a literature search on your behalf. This saves you time, whilst making sure a wide range of appropriate resources are searched.

Simply select your employer from the menu on the right and complete the online search request form.

Recent literature searches

Here are just a few examples of our recent requests for literature searches:

  • Enteral over/underfeeding in neurosurgical patients

  • Use of tools to measure morale / values in the workplace

  • Psychological interventions for fatigue in renal patients

  • Suicidal ideation and suicide rates as the result of blindness

  • Barriers to making reasonable adjustment for disabled staff in the NHS

  • Heart failure and protein consumption

  • Clusters of unhealthy behaviour

  • Use of angina sprays in police custody

  • Occupational therapists in extended roles in mental health/rehabilitation/acute wards

  • Theories in relation to the reduction of terminal agitation for people with advanced dementia

  • Evidence around best practice for dietetics in mental health settings - especially in rehabilitation services


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