Request an evidence search

Save time and find the best evidence with our expert evidence searching service.­

If you need to find information and evidence for any professional purpose, we can undertake a literature search on your behalf. This saves you precious time, whilst making sure a wide range of appropriate resources are searched. Searches can be on clinical or non-clinical topics, and our experienced librarians will communicate with you to ensure the search meets your needs.

Select your library service from the menu on the right and complete the search request form. If you would like to discuss your needs before submitting a search request, contact us. 

You can also find out more on how to search for information yourself, or arrange training to improve your search skills.

When would a literature search be useful?

We carry out searches for a wide range of purposes. Any time you - or a project you are working on - needs an overview of the current evidence on a topic, you can save time and get the best results by requesting a search from your library.

We are happy to carry out searches on clinical and non-clinical topics. Evidence from our searches is frequently used to inform:

  • Clinical guidelines
  • Direct patient care
  • Service development
  • Business cases
  • Quality improvement projects
  • Writing for publication
  • Research projects

If you would like to discuss whether a literature search could be beneficial for your work, please contact us. 

Recent literature searches

You can request a search for any topic or purpose related to your professional practice. Here is a sample of the range of different topics we have carried out searches on recently:

  • Impact of dealing with ongoing legal issues while having psychological therapy
  • Speech outcomes following secondary palate surgery in children with cleft palate
  • Current Developments in Chaplaincy
  • Lean programmes of work used in sustainability
  • Attrition of nursing students from their healthcare courses
  • Methods people have used to improve discharges and patient flow through the hospital
  • Mpox guidelines for Ophthalmology 
  • Designing HIV services in new hospitals


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