Grey Literature

The term Grey Literature describes documents and information sources of good quality, which are published for non-commercial reasons. They are often published and distributed by government agencies or departments, non-governmental organisations, academic research centres, or similar organisations.

While grey literature can be available to the public, it may also be distributed privately. This can make it harder to locate grey literature compared to information published in books or academic journals.

Examples of grey literature include government publications, official reports, academic dissertations, ‘Open Access’ journals, pamphlets and leaflets, etc. 

Index of Grey Literature and Alternative Sources and Resource

Index of grey literature and alternative sources and resource 

(provided by Public Health England)

Includes grey literature sources, official sites and statistics and other useful links.

OpenGrey - System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe

OpenGrey - System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe

OpenGrey combines the resources of major European information and document supply centres who joined in an association known as EAGLE : European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation.

North Grey Literature Collection

 North Grey Literature Collection

 (Funded by Health Care Libraries Unit North; delivered by Stockport NFT)

The North Grey Literature Collection holds the hard copy grey literature collection of the former North West Grey Literature Service.   This site also contains a Grey Literature Knowledge Database to help you find health related grey literature.

Grey Matters

(Produced by CADTH — the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health)

Grey Matters is a practical search tool for search health related grey literature.  This checklist is intended for librarians; information specialists; and researchers who are producing systematic reviews, HTAs, drug assessments, or economic evaluations.

If you need help using any of these resources please contact your local library.