We can help improvers be more successful by connecting them with the knowledge and learning from other organisations, so that they can get up and running, make decisions and deliver more quickly and based on evidence. 

Our mission is to provide them with connections and the ‘gold dust’ information about what works, what doesn’t work and why, that can be applied straight away. So QI teams never need to start with a blank page, or start from scratch.

Evidence Search

We offer an Evidence Search service where we can undertake a search on a specific topic to help inform your decisions. 

Our service allows teams to make decisions more quickly, as by showing them what others have done they have the confidence to make that decision.

We can help teams think about the following…

  • What evidence is already available and what are the gaps?
  • What evidence might help you innovate and improve?
  • Who has done this before? How did they do it? What did they learn?

Request an Evidence Search

QI Recommended Resources

Listed below are recommended resources for anyone working in or with Quality Improvement (QI). It is based on recommendations from QI teams.

QI sites and networks

QI networks:

Improvement sites from other NHS Trusts:

QI Evidence Update


LTHT staff may be interested in the following intranet pages:



Current Awareness

The QI Evidence Update is your Library of each month's must read research and updates in less than 2 sides of A4!

Created by the Evidence Team at Somerset NHS FT, you can read and download all the current and previous updates here.