Resources for trainees

NHS library services support all of our trainees, throughout their careers. We provide study space and computer facilities, a wide range of online information resources, training on literature searching and information skills, an expert evidence search service, and a book collection tailored to support your exam success, clinical knowledge, professional and personal development and wellbeing,

Finding Information and Evidence

  • NHS Knowledge and Library Hub: . Sign in with your OpenAthens account to view the full range of resources available to you. A single gateway for seamless access to a range of high quality knowledge and evidence resources all in one place
  • BMJ Best Practice Sign in with OpenAthens to access, available to all NHS staff and learners. One of the world's most trusted resources for day-to-day practice, used by multiprofessional care teams worldwide.
    • Search by detailed symptom or a broader clinical topic
    • Share information and discuss treatment options with patients using our accredited patient leaflets
    • Stay current and support your professional development. Record reading with automatic CME/CPD tracking to support revalidation and appraisals
    • Reassurance whenever and wherever you need it, with online, mobile and offline access via the Best Practice app.
  • Trip ProSign in with your OpenAthens account to access the Pro version. A clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care.
  • Clinical Key: LTHT only, sign in with OpenAthens to access. A medical search engine that runs right from your browser via desktop or mobile device and gives you instant access to:
    • Full-text reference books and journals including top titles such as Gray’s Anatomy, Goldman’s Cecil Medicine, Braunwald’s Heart Disease, The Lancet and Mayo Clinic Proceedings
    • Clinical Overviews that provide succinct, easy-to-navigate summaries for quick answers
    • Drug monographs
    • Medical and procedure videos and images
    • Customizable patient education handouts
    • Practice guidelines
    • Clinical calculators and more
  • Healthcare databases: To carry out in depth, reproducible literature searches, access Embase, Medline, Emcare, CINAHL and more. Contact us if you need support in using these databases.
  • Cochrane Library: Search for Cochrane Reviews and clinical trials. 

Books and Journals


  • To borrow books join your library and contact us with any queries.  
  • If you are looking for a specific book you can search our library catalogue to see where it is held.
  • If we do not have the book you need within our library collections, we may be able to obtain it for you from another NHS library - email us or complete a request form .
  • eBooks can be accessed with your NHS OpenAthens account. You can search for ebooks through the library catalogue or browse the collections at these supplier websites:
    • Oxford Medicine Online: (Select 'Sign in via your institution' and search for NHS in England, then sign in with your OpenAthens account) A digital platform hosting Oxford University Press' prestigious medical titles, including the full range of Oxford Handbooks.
    • EBL
    • Kortext: (Select your institution and then sign in with OpenAthens)
  • Browse some of our book collections through our catalogue:
    • Exam Revision: Revision books supporting the full range of specialty exams. 
    • FastFacts: Address knowledge gaps in healthcare enabling a dialogue between healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders from the healthcare ecosystem. eBooks include links to 'FastTests' , free, 10-min quizzes with certification created alongside the Fast Facts books that consolidate your learning and identify areas for improvement – all with the goal of helping you to achieve best practice.
    • Oxford Medical Handbooks: A convenient way for medical and nursing staff to access practical management advice that is portable, accessible, and reliable. All current editions are available as ebooks, some are also available in print.



  • Use Browzine to explore the full range of journals available to you through your OpenAthens account. Search 'Leeds' to find your organisation and then navigate to the relevant subject section to explore the titles that you can access.  For easy access to a specific journal article, use one of our article search tools:
  • NHS Library and Knowledge Hub. Log in with OpenAthens and search for the article title/details. If an article is available in our subscriptions the hub will give you access to full text. If it is not available, you will be directed to a form to request the article, which our staff will then endeavour to obtain from another NHS library.. 
  • Search by DOI or PubMed ID, and LibKey will match you with your easiest routew to full text access, or direct you to a request form for articles that aren't available in your organisation.
  • LibKey Nomad. A life changing browser extension! Links you straight to full text article access through your organisation's subscriptions, wherever you found the article. Available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. 

Clinical Learning Resources

Other information resources to support your learning and practice:

Exam Preparation

Revision books:
Our libraries have a wide range of exam preparation books to support you in sitting your specialty exams. To access these, join the library and then contact or visit your local library to borrow a book or have it sent to your workplace address. Browse the full range of revision texts here. 

Thanks to generous support from Leeds Hospitals Charity, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust libraries were recently able to purchase a large collection of up to date exam preparation books to support all specialties. Browse these new exam books here. 

Free online exam preparation resources:

  • Almost a Doctor:  free medical encyclopaedia and other resources for medical students, doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Geeky Medics: free online guides to all of the key clinical skills medicals students are expected to learn, including step-by-step images and video demonstrations. There’s an app for Apple, and also Android.
  • 100+ free MCQ questions for MRCP part 1.
  • Radiology Masterclass: provides online medical imaging education resources for medical students, doctors, and allied health care professionals.
  • Revise MRCP: Covers MRCP Parts 1 and 2. Over 5,000 MCQs arranged by topic, past papers going back to September 2010. Free to sign up


  • BMJ Best Practice: Funded by HEE for all NHS staff and learners in England, the BMJ Best Practice app gives you quick access to:
  • BNF/BNFC: The publishers of the British National Formulary (BNF) and British National Formulary for Children (BNFC) have released a new, faster, easier to use and access app. Both adult and child BNF content is available through a single app, providing ease of use and saving space on users’ devices. It provides free access to the latest up-to-date prescribing information for NHS users in the UK, for non-commercial use.
  • Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS)-NICEThe CKS webpages have a new feature, which allows you to download a version of CKS onto your desktop or mobile phone. The progressive web app is available in most browsers, including Edge and Chrome - but isn't currently supported by IE11 or Safari. You can find the download icon in your browser address bar when you're on a CKS webpage.
    • If you install it on your desktop/laptop, you can access it from the start menu in Windows.
    • If you install it on your phone, an icon will appear in your list of apps, just like any other app.

Clinical Guidelines

  • Nice Guidance
  • Leeds Health Pathways contains guidelines from all Leeds Healthcare Trusts and other organisations including the Yorkshire Cancer Network, NICE and various professional bodies.  This resource is only available on an NHSnet computer.
  • Trip Pro (sign in with OpenAthens for access to Pro version). This database aims to deliver the highest quality literature to support evidence based practice. The content includes evidence-based guidelines.

Medicines Information

  • BNF. The British National Formulary (BNF) aims to provide prescribers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with sound up-to-date information about the use of medicines.
  • BNF for Children aims to provide prescribers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with sound up-to-date information on the use of medicines for treating children.
  • Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines. (Log in with OpenAthens to access). The essential evidence-based handbook on the safe and effective prescribing of psychotropic agents. Covering both common and complex prescribing situations encountered in day-to-day clinical practice, this comprehensive resource provides expert guidance on drug choice, minimum and maximum doses, adverse effects, switching medications, prescribing for special patient groups, and more. 

Other Useful Websites


Being a trainee can be a challenging time. A range of services are available through each NHS organisation to support the wellbeing of all staff.

The library service has a collection of books and resources to help support your health and wellbeing-from mood boosting fiction to guides to help you with work-life balance. Explore our health and wellbeing resources.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has provided a comprehensive directory of suport services and resources for doctors.

Further support from your library service

Your library service is here to support you in many different ways throughout your career. As well as the information resources highlighted on this page, we provide:


An OpenAthens account gives all NHS staff and learners access to a wide range of online resources.