The LCH Library team will undertake literature searches to support staff in their work.

Staff on courses involving literature searching for college / university assignments, coursework or dissertations are expected to carry out their own searches, and to seek support from their academic institution for help and guidance in the first instance.  The LCH Library team can offer advice and training on NHS library resources – please visit our page of information about training courses and user guides / videos for more information about this. 

Search Request LCH

LCH Search Request

LCH Search Request
Please give some information about the subject of the search: try and be as specific as possible and provide keywords to use as search terms. For example, if you are looking for information about schizophrenia, what specific areas are you looking at e.g. prevention, therapy, diagnosis etc.

Here is a sample search question “Evidence around early intervention in children and young people and whether this has an influence on these service users then accessing adult services””
Please give us some information about what you plan to do with the information e.g. improving an aspect of the service or setting up a new service, improving your own practice, guideline or policy writing. (Please note this information is just to assist us in improving our service to you).