Books to Me

Books to Me
This form allows you to request up to five items from the library catalogue. If you need more than this, please fill out the form again with the additional items.
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Terms and Conditions
- This service is only available to LTHT staff.
- You must register with the library service prior to submitting your request.
- Only material listed in the library catalogue may be borrowed through this service
- Books issued via the Books to Me service are issued for an additional week to allow time for delivery via the internal post service.
- Books will be issued to your work address.
- Short loan and overnight books are not eligible for the Books to Me service.
- It is your responsibility to ensure that the book is returned to the library, from which it was borrowed, by the date stamped in the book
- It may be possible to renew the books online or by telephone if they are not required by another user.
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