If you are undertaking research there are various ways that we can support you.

Developing Your Research Idea

Our librarians can help you scope out whether there are any existing studies linked to your research ideas.

Searching the Evidence

Once you have a research question we can help you to refine your search strategy via a one-to-one tutorial.  We can also undertake evidence searches on your behalf. 

A resource of interest is the Literature Search Guidance for NHS Researchers, which aims to support NHS researchers in carrying out effective literature searches.

Obtaining Journal Articles

Once you’ve conducted your search, we can help you to access full text of the references. 

We have access a wide selection of online journals that can be accessed via your NHS OpenAthens account.

If you have a DOI or PMID, and want to check quickly if you have access to the article, please visit https://libkey.io/   

We also provide document supply services and can obtain the full text of articles or books that are not available online.  Send us your reference list and we will source the articles for you.

Further Reading

We have a wide range of books relating to research.  Click on a topic below to view our selection of titles or search for a specific title or search for a title on our library catalogue.

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Useful Websites

  • Clinicaltrials.gov- Information about clinical studies (including but not limited to clinical trials)
  • CONSORT Statement - Evidence-based, minimum set of recommendations for reporting randomized trials.
  • NIHR - Clinical Trials Toolkit - Practical advice to researchers in designing and conducting publicly funded clinical trials in the UK.
  • CASP checklists – Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) checklists to help you assess research in a systematic way.
  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)- Organisation providing details of funding, and research guidance.
  • PRISMA - PRISMA is an evidence-based minimum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Further Support

If you are planning a systematic review, project or research activities for which you would like tailored library support, please contact your local library service so that we can discuss your individual needs and plan accordingly.

The NHS Trusts in Leeds also have Research Departments and the contact email addresses can be found below: