Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Leeds Community Healthcare Library

We are a specialist library service within Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. We have a small library at White Rose Park, but support staff wherever they are based so you do not have to visit the library to use our services. The best way to contact us is via library.enquiries@nhs.net.

We are “more than just books” and can help you access relevant up-to-date information to support your day-to-day work, research, and professional development. Staff benefit from the full range of services and resources offered by Leeds Libraries for Health, as well as the specific services highlighted on this page.

How can we support you?

Who do we support?

In addition to Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust staff and learners, we also provide support to the following groups in Leeds:

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9.00 - 16.30

Library staff

Library Manager: Helen Swales (part-time)

Assistant Librarian: Ryan Ford

Library Trainee: Hannah Williams


Current Awareness Service

Stay up-to-date with new reports and publications in your field with our personalised current awareness service.

Sign up here for weekly updates tailored to your individual subjects of interest.

Health Literacy Awareness

We lead Health Literacy Awareness training for our partners across Leeds. Our sessions cover the impact of low health literacy and techniques to improve communication and support patient understanding.

Visit our training page for more information.

Publications by LCH staff

We are adding details of LCH staff publications to our catalogue. You can find everything we’ve collated (from 2017 onwards) here.

We run regular searches to spot new publications, but if you’ve had something published you can let us know here.