Shelf Indulgence Book Group

Join us every first Thursday of the month at 12 o'clock online for 30 minutes , to discuss books from a vareity of genres. Whether you are looking to meet people from different deparments, get pushed out of your literature comfort zone or just need a mental wellbeing break, if you are a LTHT staff member this group could be for you!

The LTHT library can support you in a variety of ways, either signposting you to your local library, emailing you a PDF of the first chapter or borrowing from our own limited stock. The library is here to make sure your access is facilated. Can't make it to the LGI site to pick up your book? No problem! When filling out your form let us know your work address and we will deliver it.

Can't make the session and still want to read along? No problem!  Let us know what you thought on our padlet below.

Questions about the book will be sent out a week before the session. Please dont feel the need to have fully formed answers, these are just prompts to stimulate a conversation. 

The teams links will be sent out the day before the session. 

So that we can make sure the reading group is a safe space to discuss issues and share ideas, we’ve drawn up the following participant agreement that we need you to read and tick as evidence of your consent before you can become a regular participant in the group.

1. Everything said in the ‘Shelf Indulgence’ reading group is to be kept within the group and not to be discussed outside of it.

2. Similarly, we would like to assure you that your personal membership details are safe and secure with us. However, by joining the online chat, your name will be visible to others. We would like to request that you do not disclose other participant’s details unless you have their permission to do so. You do not need to switch on your webcam to join the chat unless you want to.

3. It is important that you feel free to share your opinions in our meetings. But any behaviour considered by the facilitator(s) to be potentially abusive, discriminatory or otherwise disruptive may result in the individual’s removal from the meeting and their potential exclusion from future meetings.

4.The text and a few questions to prompt discussion will be circulated via email in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). However, material can be supplied in any format members wish. Please get in touch if you have any special requirements. For copyright reasons, we respectfully ask that you don’t forward this reading material to anyone who is not taking part in the meeting.

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Next meeting we will on the Thursday the 13th of June at 12 o'clock for "A month in the country" by J.L.Carr.

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